Checking 12v Charging System

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Checking 12v Charging System

Post  Steve on Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:04 am


I test the voltage up at the battery first or you can test it at the alternator (alt)
Start the vehicle to be tested then conect up a multi meter to battery or alt
And give the vehicle some revs then record the reading on the multi meter
a good alt should be reading between 13.5v to 14v No more than 14v as it
would then be over charging.
With vehicle still running you now need to put a load on your alt so swich on lights
heaters rear demister ect ect.
Now go back to the battery and test again the voltage should be between
13v and 14v this means alt is charging the battery.
If charging is less than 12.8v with load on i would be looking to change the alt.

If alt is not charging remember to check the belt isint sliping before going to buy another alt.

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