TD5 power release.

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TD5 power release.

Post  Portalrover on Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:49 am

Portalrover will now upgrade your td5 to a vehicle that has the performance of a rally car ! There ar 2 stages of upgrade - we cal it Stage 1, and Stage 2. !!

Stage 1. The power is taken from about 120bhp to 150bhp.

Stage 2. The power is taken from about 120bhp to 180bhp+

Both stages make an enormous differance. Gone are the flat spots and the stalling. Ovetaking is safe, and trailer pulling is now a pleasure.

We now have another power feature - LPG for DIESEL engines. This gives you about 50bhp at the flick of a switch, and unlike NOS etc, you can run it ALL the time.
Your fuel burn goes from about 75% to 100%, and the engine may run even cooler.
This system can be fitted to virtually any turbo diesel engine - from a small car to an artic truck.

This upgrade will better your fuel burn as the vehicle is more efficiant.

We can also supply and fit winches, wheels and tyres, service your truck, or supply you with a custom built vehicle.

PM me for details. Many thanks. Hughie

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Re: TD5 power release.

Post  Steve on Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:21 pm

Sorry Hughie I have had to remove your tel number as this is the site rules PM tel numbers only.
Its not a prob for anyone to advertise on site this is more than welcome.

Thanks for understanding.

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