Short Notice but check it out ?.

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Short Notice but check it out ?.

Post  Notty on Thu May 13, 2010 2:28 am

Hello Everyone,

I've been very quiet lately I appologise, I'm being made redundant at the end of May so It's all madness trying to find a new job !!!!!.

Kirsty and myself are heavily into rally marshalling specifically the safety radio side. Sooo we get lots of offers to marshal on other events .... And this one might interest you lot ?.

I've highlighted the bit you all might enjoy ?????.

If your interested just contact Colin directly.... You don't need to be a qualified marshal he'll be glad of the help !!

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen on the forums, the third round of the Scottish Cross Country Championship takes place this weekend at Drumclog. In keeping with previous years we intend to run three sessions, one during the day on Saturday, one Saturday Night and then one on Sunday. Planning to have a marshals briefing at about 10.15 on Saturday.

Traditionally we have always run with long courses and marshals assisting with the event will be able to see competitive vehicles over long parts of them. However this means that we need more marshals than normal to staff the event, at the moment we donít have enough.

If you could come and help for one, two or all three sessions, we would be really pleased to see you. Any marshals attending will also get the opportunity to drive round the site for free, as most positions will need a 4x4 vehicle to get to them, however there are a number of positions that donít need a 4x4. So it doesnít matter what vehicle you have only a willingness to help is needed. At the moment we donít have enough people so really would appreciate more help.

Camping and toilets is available on site from Sunday through to the end of the event.

If you want to come or indeed are already coming, please let me know if you can help or mobile 07767-726075


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