Bleeding Brakes

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Bleeding Brakes

Post  Steve on Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:59 am

bleeding frontera brakes
found this out from a friend.
process requires two people
1)ignition off
2)remove abs fuse
3)start engine and let idle
4)bleed in following order- load sensing valve,LHR,RHR,LHF,RHF
5)pump pedal until hard , press down
6)attach suitable hose and bottle to nipple open bleed nipple press pedal , close when pedal on floor
Repeat until all air is out or pedal feels satisfactory
***if fitted with a load sensing valve best result are had by keeping vehicle in normal driving position (wheels on ground).***
replace abs fuse once finished and dont forget to wash off any spilt brake fluid.
hope this can help someone

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