found my way back

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found my way back

Post  drinksoptional on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:34 pm

hi guys been a long time. i joined few year back but never made it out on the mud. i own a frontera sport for those who cant rember me proberly 99% of members, I have been offroading mostly at drumclog with the smc. Think there may be a few on here from smc.
My frontera is still running has few extar dents and so far has only broke a circlip although i had a auto hub issue for a while which truned out it wasnt broke just not lined up properly.
Since my last post if it still here i have raised the frontera 2" with landrover disco +2" springs on back and the torsion bars adjust at front. Im running on cheap set of king pin amazon on pajero 15" alloys hoping to sack the amzons for something better.
Maybe i can get out and about an finally get to meet everyone


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