Oil Pump Replace 2L Frontera Sport

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Oil Pump Replace 2L Frontera Sport

Post  Steve on Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:02 am

Here is how to do an oil pump on the 2ltr frontera engine.

Vauxhall say you have to remove engine or drop front suspension what a load of tosh here is how i did it.

1....Remove gearbox mounting bolts from the cross member

2....Remove wngine mouting bolts

3....Remove radiator and fan

4....Remove alt belt timing belt cover and belt

5....Remove timing belt rear cover tus giving you access to the oil pump

6....This part you will nee an engine hoist you need to lift the engine up as
it will go this will give you the space you will need between the engine
and axle.

7....Remove the cross member running just below the bell housing

8....Now unbolt the sump and remove

9....Remove the oil pickup pipe and clean

10...You can now unbolt the oil pump and replace

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