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Forum Rules Conduct And Disclaimer

Post  Steve on Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:18 am


Welcome to the forum a place to discuss your events, mechanical and electrical problems, in fact just about anything really!

Please feel free to post, we look forward to you posting.

However before you do could you please read the following

Its here just to make sure that all our members are treated with respect and are happy, as thats what we aim for!


The Scottish 4x4 forum is a friendly group. We are all here to
help each other out in anyway we can.

All mails sent to the forum will be monitored.

Scottish 4x4 forum will NOT tolerate…
1) Swearing
2) Email abuse
3) Racism
4) Uploading of material which may be offensive to others
5)Post comments that may be offensive to others
6)Any Gifs/Images which would cause offence to other members
7)Any offensive Signatures
8)Any attempted disruption of the site by a member, the member will be banned from the site.

Posts that are off topic or deemed offensive will be removed, this at the discression of the forum moderators or admins

By joining the group you are agreeing to bide by these rules.

The Scottish 4x4 forum Admin/moderator reserves the right to ban or remove any member (s) who does not conform to the Code of Conduct.

The Complaints Process

If you have any grievances with the group or a particular member
please email the Administrator at

Your grievance will be treated with privacy and will not be
disclosed to the group.

Disclaimer - Website content and advice given by its members.

As a visitor to this website you have accepted these terms.

All the material contained on this site is for information purposes
only and does not constitute; advice, recommendation or endorsement
of any nature. Information may vary from those publicised here. All
the information contained on these sites are provided in good faith
but users are advised to always check all details with appropriate
organisations if clarification or confirmation of any kind is

Any items bought; sold, advertised via the Scottish 4x4 forum is between the buyer and the seller, the forum makes no money from such tranactions. Any disputes between the buyer and seller are to be resolved between the two parties.

The Adminitrators or Moderators will remove any items offered for sale that do not fully describe the article or are for multiple parts or of a commercial nature for profit which must be submiited as adverts through the site admin Group will not play any other part in these transactions other than advertising the information and details received for the advertisement

Our website has links to external websites over which has no control and assume no responsibility, and are in no way acting as a publisher of material, information, links, and content contained on external linked websites. Links may become invalid, may expire, or may become misdirected at any time. Links are provided as a convenience and do not necessarily constitute, signify, or otherwise imply an endorsement by, or an endorsement for, or a relationship with, or connection with the Scottish 4x4 forum. The statements expressed on external linked websites are not those of The Scottish 4x4 forum; and users are advised that Scottish 4x4 forum does not maintain editorial control over external linked websites or determine the appropriateness regarding the material, information, links, and content contained on external linked websites.


It is important that you undertake all possible safety measures when
working on vehicles. The Scottish 4x4 forum or any of its members
will not be held liable for any accidents/injuries or implications
as a result of information published.

Scottish 4x4 forum admin team

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